:::::::::::::::::PACKING YOUR MACHINE ::::::::::::::::::: 

If I purchase a pfaff from you in a case ( YOU MUST DO EXACTLY AS I SAY ) THE WHOLE BED has to be wrapped to the case bottom with duct tape over plastic wrap. NOT JUST ONE PIECE OF TAPE AND NOT CLEAR SHIPPING TAPE .IT WILL ARRIVED DAMAGED AS WELL AS THE CASE BROKED.I've been doing this for 11 years and people still send damaged machines. It makes me really mad to see these beauties that have survived 50 - 60 years become damaged because they think they know better than me or they rush.( DON'T DO IT. )If not wrapped like this I will return it Probably broken for a refund. Other wise I will use the shipping insurance. Please insure these for 100.00 more than you think you should. ALWAYS USE FEDEX GROUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrap the foot control in thick soft material so it doesn't scratch the machine unless you would like a new electronic foot control ($49.99 with block)They don't get hot and provide awesome slow speed control. If you do not have a case,FIRST WRAP THE MACHINE IN BUBBLE WRAP (BEING CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE LITTLE TENSION SPRING ON THE TENSION KNOB. PUT a couple really hard cardboard pices of cardboard on the inside bottom of the outer box and 2 inches of HARD styrofoam around all sides. doublebox . or you can just use styrofoam pellots .If you have a case See Photo's below. Wrap saran wrap around the machine bed and case bottom them wrap over thiis TIGHTLY with DUCT Tape . Wrap the machine with bubble wrap and put the case top on ,If Plastic case-Leave latches un latched. Wrap case with saran wrap and tightly tape with Duct tape as in the photos. Put this in a tightly fitting box.Put this box into a larger box with 2 inches of styrofoam peanuts under it and styrofoam peanuts around all other sides till full. Write DO NOT DROP in big letters on the top of the box as well as THIS SIDE UP. Also all machines MUST be double boxed. use Styrofoam peanuts . Bubble wrap the machine before you put the case top on. Remember , if it is a plastic case Please unlatch each buckle on either side  before wrapping the case with a roll of saran wrap. this gives room for the case top to shift just a little so the plastic tabs on the ends will not break. ( Wood cases can be left with the latches closed. )If the machine has the regular light on the back side you want to wrap it with small bubble wrap .

the best size for the inner box is 20" x 15" x 10"
the best size for the outer box is 24" x 18" x 14" These may have to be special ordered from ebay or some where else . It will save money on shipping.
Wrap accessories as shown below top left. cardboard over bed of machine and tightly wrap . it helps keep the case from twisting and breaking if it is wrapped at the back under the wheel also as well as the whole length of the bed as in the photo below on the top right .
If no case is included , pad all 6 sides with 1 inch Styrofoam , fill voids with Styrofoam peanuts . then fill outer box with 1.5" of peanuts and set inner box in it.Then fill the box with more peanuts till full . Make sure motor mount is tight before wrapping machine . If your machine has the dome light , you will need to cut the wired at the connector on the machine and remove it by loosening the screw at the top of the face plate,then removing the domed swivel light. Wrap it carefully in padding then box it .
This is what happens if you leave the swivel light on the machine even padded. the globe is like a hollow egg shell . You can wrap it with bubble wrap and tap it securely to the bed over padding but everything you have taped to the bed SECURLEY mUST NOT MOVE and must be at least 1/4" from anything else. Tight duct tape wrapping insures this if there is room .

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